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Behind The Scenes: The Maintenance Crew That Keeps Us Moving

Trucking may seem to be a career for independent people, but in reality it takes a whole team working behind the scenes to keep vehicles rolling smoothly. From dispatchers and customer service agents, to suppliers and maintenance teams, there is a committed team working in support of every driver.

This spirit of teamwork is especially apparent in maintenance garages, where mechanics and technicians work together to keep trucks in top working order. Here is a look at the roster for our Service Shops:

  1. Service Manager
    Each shop has its own service manager who is responsible for the overall operation of the shop. He or she ensures that the shop is properly staffed and stocked, so that everyone has the equipment and tools they need to perform their duties. Service managers ensure that all work is performed efficiently and to the top standards of safety and quality. They are also responsible for some administrative tasks, including tracking and evaluating costs, and billing. In larger shops this role may be shared between a service manager and one or more quality managers.
  2. A-Level Technicians
    These are the most experienced and highly certified technicians. They perform work that is required less frequently but is complex. Examples include major engine and transmission repairs.
  3. B-Level Technicians
    More experienced than C-Level technicians, but not as highly certified as A-Level technicians, these people perform more complicated repairs, such as brake work and clutch adjustments. They can also perform more routine maintenance work, as required.
  4. C-Level Technicians
    Technicians at this level form the majority of most maintenance teams. They are qualified to perform the bulk of routine maintenance responsibilities, such as normal inspections, tire and brake adjustments, minor electrical work, and oil and fluids changes.
  5. Parts Staff
    Parts staff are primarily responsible for ensuring that parts needed on a regular basis are constantly in stock. They also source less-often required parts when the need arises, and keep up-to-date with suppliers and new products.
  6. General Maintenance Staff
    As with many workplaces, maintenance shops are supported by general maintenance staff. These key team members are responsible for truck washing and cleaning, and general facilities maintenance that allows technicians and supervisors to focus on their work.

Keeping a full fleet of vehicles in top condition takes teamwork. It also takes individuals tasked with different responsibilities to ensure that everyone has the tools and equipment they need to perform their best. That’s why, behind each and every reliable driver, you’ll find a team of qualified maintenance staff who work hard to keep that driver and his truck moving smoothly.

Dave Bardwell

Dave Bardwell

As the Maintenance Operations Supervisor at Wadhams Enterprises, Dave develops programs for monitoring financial results, training technicians, enforcing safety programs, maintaining standards of service, and developing a parts and material procurement program. He is responsible for multiple company-owned heavy duty vehicle service facilities.