A Division For Every Driver: Find The Trucking Job That Suits Your Lifestyle

If you think that a trucking job is as straightforward as one-size-fits-all, we’ve got news: there are about as many different kinds of assignments as there are products to transport. From the routine of milk hauling to the variety of Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) and Truckload (TL) transport, the opportunities in trucking are as diverse as the cities we connect.

For those considering a job in the industry – or contemplating switching to a new field within it – here’s a snapshot of each of our three divisions. Have a look, and learn more about the varied opportunities available in an industry that’s always on the move!

RIST (LTL, TL, and brokerage services)

  • For drivers who enjoy variety:

    If thinking about a nine-to-five job is your cure for insomnia, RIST offers the kind of varied work that will keep you interested, day-in and day-out. Assignments vary all the time, so your week could have you headed to New York one day and Philadelphia the next. One day could involve multiple stops, and the next is just you and the open road. RIST is all about variety.

  • For drivers who adapt easily:

    Skype and social media are great ways to stay connected during long-distance assignments that involve more time on the road. RIST is great for drivers who embrace new technology and know how to make it work for them.

  • For drivers who like having their own space:

    To truly feel at home on the road, RIST drivers customize their rig to give it a personal touch. From hanging posters and custom privacy blinds to adding luxury mattress pads and a mini-fridge or microwave, RIST work is for those drivers who know how to bring the comforts of home with them.

  • For drivers who love getting perspective:

    Crave a change of scenery? How about a job where you get paid to drive through the Poconos? For RIST drivers, taking in the beauty of the changing landscape is just one of the many perks of driving for a living.

ARG (bulk petroleum transport)

  • For drivers who want to keep learning:

    Transporting hazardous materials means completing additional training. If you love the idea of continued learning, ARG offers the opportunity to keep satisfying your intellectual curiosity.

  • For drivers who can think in kilometers:

    ARG assignments often head up to Ontario and Quebec, so if you’ve always wanted to meet more of our national neighbours – and find out what all the hype about Tim Horton’s coffee is for – this division offers you great chances to travel north of the 49th.

  • For drivers who are organized:

    Cross-border transport means knowing what paperwork you need and having it ready when you need it. If you’re always the one in charge of important documents when you travel, ARG is for you.

  • For drivers who ooze cool:

    Fortunately, accidents and spills are a rare occurrence, but they do happen. ARG drivers stay calm when things go wrong, and they know the correct procedures to follow when issues arise.

ETW (bulk food hauling)

  • For drivers who love a reliable schedule:

    Milk hauling is all about routine—the same route and the same people every day. If you enjoy all of the perks of a stable workload, ETW is perfect for getting in the groove of a predictable schedule.

  • For drivers who want to build rapport:

    Travelling the same route means getting the opportunity to build relationships with clients. Driving for ETW means chatting with local farmers and getting to know more than just their addresses. That makes it perfect for outgoing drivers who love expanding their social circle.

  • For drivers who value cleanliness:

    Hauling bulk food means prioritizing food safety—and that means that ETW drivers must meet high standards when it comes to cleanliness. It also means that cleaning is part of the job description: every day ends with a thorough cleaning of the milk tank to prepare it for the next day. If keeping things spic-and-span is in your wheelhouse, ETW is definitely up your alley.

  • For drivers who keep track:

    Milk transporters are responsible for the first round of food testing and sampling, which means carrying required equipment with them on every trip. That’s why ETW is great for drivers who are organized and on-the-ball when it comes to thorough checklists of tools and protocol.

  • For drivers with keen senses:

    As part of the milk-testing protocol, drivers are responsible for evaluating the appearance, color and odor of the milk they collect. You don’t need to distinguish between eggshell and alabaster, but the ability to sense when things aren’t right is an important part of good quality control.

If you identified equally with more than one list, you’re not alone. Many of our drivers embrace the challenge of getting certified to work in more than one division, and a number of them even go on become driver-trainers so that they can help others discover their passion too.

So whether you’re “ETW with a little bit of ARG” or “RIST-to-the-bone,” as long as you value professionalism and hard work, it’s easy to find a trucking job that matches your priorities.

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Steve Wadhams

Steve Wadhams

As Co-owner and President, Steve oversees three trucking divisions, 700 employees, and 300+ trucks. The dedication, integrity, and personal touch that helped his father succeed remain the cornerstone of Wadhams Enterprises. By the 1980s, he and his brother had taken over an active leadership role, focusing on acquisitions and purchasing assets and operating authorities. They have seen the company grow from $4 million to $96 million in 2014. To fulfill Wadhams’ mission to be the “Carrier of Choice, Employer of Choice,” Steve actively seeks out opportunities for continue growth and improvement for his people and his fleet.