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The Most Fascinating Aspects Of Work At Wadhams (According to the 3rd Generation)

As a company with three separate divisions, operating out of 20 terminals, there are many different opportunities to get involved at Wadhams; just look at six members of the third generation who were attracted back to the family business in part because of the abundance of choice. For those of you who have just joined or are considering joining our team, there’s a great deal of variety to help you find a place with us that’s a great fit.

Working with People

For my sister Stephanie and cousin, Gabrielle, the most rewarding jobs are the ones that afford them opportunities to work with people and to get to know their staff and customers.

“I really enjoy it,” says Stephanie, who works in recruiting. “I’ve gotten to know a number of people in the company, and it’s just nice to be able to go to company picnics or go to the different terminals and recognize faces.”

Gabrielle also gets to put her people skills to work, every day, in her position in RIST LTL’s customer service department. Still, she’s interested in eventually learning more about other aspects of the company as well – including logistics.

“I love the operations side of it. I would like to dabble in each division, but the LTL is truly fascinating for me,” she says, adding: “People take for granted how easy it is to just go in to a store and buy something. They don’t understand how it got there… They don’t know how many people are involved in something as simple as that.”

No matter which division of Wadhams you work in, there’ always a people aspect. Whether you’re serving clients, greeting farmers, or helping out a fellow colleague, what makes our business unique are the opportunities to work with others in meaningful ways.

Working with Logistics

Coordinating those kinds of moving pieces is part of what my brother Andy, a Dispatcher and Operations Supervisor at ARG, loves most about his job. “I went to school for engineering,” he says, “so I love coming to work with a technical mindset, always thinking in terms of logistics and efficiency.”

Nevertheless, the interpersonal and customer service aspects are as important for Andy as they are to Stephanie and Gabrielle; Andy’s interest in logistics is not just about bottom-line considerations, but revolves around the desire to satisfy customers’ needs in the most efficient way possible. He tells me: “I’m really interested in the customers and the employees. Knowing your customers gives you the ability to provide a better service. I take interest in knowing our customers so that if they need something, I know how to go about responding in a timely fashion that makes them happy.”

I think that speaks volumes as to the way we do things at Wadhams; no matter what aspect of the job, it always relates back to the bigger picture: doing better work for our clients.

Working with Technology

A similar desire to improve operational efficiency and better meet customers’ needs motivates my cousin Anthony’s current work in the technological side of the business. For the last two years, Anthony has been leading the beta-testing an implementation of a new software program that is completely reshaping the company’s RIST (LTL) division.

“[This new software] is going to make everything visible all the time, as far as tracking freight,” he says, noting that while the behind-the-scenes work is mostly complete, it will take time before the online tools for customers reflect that.

Ultimately the goal is better access to information for customers.

“If we can provide them with the data to find the answers themselves, I think that everybody is better served.”

In terms of improving the ways the company does business, Anthony can expect good support from his brother Jeffrey. Though he’s currently working in LTL, Jeffrey is interested in eventually expanding the company’s ARG division. Jeffrey enjoys the fast pace of RIST LTL for the time being but is excited about the variation between the divisions and their sales departments.

Working in Grandfather’s Footsteps

I am currently the only member of the third generation working in ETW, the company’s original branch. I definitely was attracted to the milk division because that’s where our grandfather, Red, started the company. Growing up and hearing about it, I was always interested in what was going on. It’s a lot different than other types of trucking; you’re on farms, back roads – it attracts a different type of driver.

Wadhams has grown a lot since the days of my grandfather’s single truck business; but it’s never lost the simple values that we all appreciate. The growth means there’s a lot of choice when working here – there’s many different departments and roles to work in. But no matter which division you land in, the bottom line will always be the people. They’re the backbone of this business, and the reason we’re still in business.

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