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Freight Rate Quotes: Why and How They Simplify Shipping

Many of our customers have pre-arranged or set rates for their shipments (especially if they ship consistent loads on a regular schedule). This arrangement helps both carriers and customers by establishing clear expectations and providing insight into how rates are decided and what factors impact them.

For new customers, getting a freight rate quote before arranging a pickup can help provide the same knowledge and provide a sense of what to expect. If you’re not in the practice of getting quotes before you ship, here’s what you need to know about how and why to get started:

The Process:

Each department has a different responsibility and wants to make it as easy as possible for the customer. Therefore knowing each department role is key, so here is a quick rundown.

Customer Service (CS) will schedule the shipment either with a quote (which is strongly encouraged) or without depending on the customer. To receive a quote you will want to contact a representative in our traffic department. Then, when you are ready to schedule that shipment, have the quote number available to give to CS. This makes the process so much easier for all parties involved.

If you want to schedule a pickup with RIST you are more than welcome to without having an account set up beforehand. Please feel free to call either traffic or CS and we can get the processes started.

CS will schedule the pickup for you and then connect you with our accounts receivable department to get your account ready to go. Whichever process you choose is fine with us, as our biggest concern is to make sure all the pieces are in place so the shipment delivers smoothly and the billing process is painless.

The Benefits Of Getting A Freight Rate Quote: Clarity and Consistency

Because customers don’t always know the specific dimensions or weight of their shipments before they’re prepared for pickup, it can be difficult to know with accuracy what the final transport cost will be before it’s shipped. Fuel costs, distance, type of truck, partner carriers, and other variables can also make it difficult to predict shipping costs, as many of these costs change frequently. Calling ahead to discuss options with the traffic department helps our customers to understand what sort of variables affect their shipping price—insights they can use internally to make more informed decisions about shipping.

The quote number generated at the outset of the process helps to ensure that you will get the price originally agreed upon, and it also helps the CSR with scheduling.

Freight Rates Also Prevent Surprises

Customers who want to ship fewer than 6 skids are free to arrange shipments without freight rate quotes, but by opting to get a quote ahead of time you can develop an accurate sense of what your shipping costs will be. For many businesses, being able to anticipate costs with better accuracy is a huge advantage. Customers shipping 7 skids or more are required to receive a rate quote before scheduling a pick up.

In any circumstance, opting to receive a rate quote before scheduling a pick up has considerable advantages for many of our customers. That may explain why it’s becoming increasingly popular as an option, and why many CS representatives urge new and experienced customers alike to go this route when arranging new shipments. Knowledge, clear expectations, and better insight—they’re all great reasons to do so!

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Gabrielle Wadhams

Gabrielle Wadhams

Gabrielle brings an outstanding work ethic to her management role in the RIST less than truckload (LTL) customer service department. Gabrielle has been in the business for many years as a Wadhams family member: granddaughter of the beloved founder Earl T. Wadhams ("Red"), and daughter of Steve Wadhams.