Road Rage

Road Rage Victim – Not Me!

I glance in my mirror and there he is again. Criss-crossing three lanes behind me, swerving ever closer; he honks at an old lady in a 1998 Toyota – she’s moving too slowly, and he whizzes by in a blur of red.

You’ve seen him too, haven’t you?

Once upon a time, this type of behavior would drive me crazy – the tailgating, the obscene gestures, and the aggressive driving. Now I recognize it for what it is: Road Rage. It’s a term coined in 1988 and refers to a motorist’s extreme anger in response to a perceived slight or interference by other drivers.

The Mentality of a Road Rager

Getting behind the wheel of a vehicle can be stressful for some people. There are so many variables that are unpredictable: weather, traffic, accidents, and road work. And let’s not forget the person driving too slowly, or too fast. A potential Road Rager can become irrational and stressed out, concentrating on themselves instead of the collective requirements of driving on a highway.

Avoiding Road Rage

There are some strategies all motorists must take to avoid succumbing to road rage, and to avoid becoming the victim of road rage:

  • Show no physical reaction to a Road Rager’s aggressive behavior. Avoid eye contact as it might invite a reaction. Never underestimate another driver’s capacity for losing restraint.
  • Keep control of your own temper, and do not challenge the aggrieved party. Instead, do your best to leave the scene as soon as you can.
  • It is tempting to honk or return rude gestures but refrain from doing so. It will escalate the situation.
  • Practice safe driving habits and keep plenty of distance from any car that’s moving erratically.

Should the unthinkable happen and you end up as a participant in a road rage incident, take some deep breaths to calm yourself. Reflect for a moment and think of a few strategies to extricate yourself from the situation. Perhaps an apology is all that is needed to calm the other person down.

Lose a fight, but don’t lose your dignity.

Steve Wadhams

Steve Wadhams

As Co-owner and President, Steve oversees three trucking divisions, 700 employees, and 300+ trucks. The dedication, integrity, and personal touch that helped his father succeed remain the cornerstone of Wadhams Enterprises. By the 1980s, he and his brother had taken over an active leadership role, focusing on acquisitions and purchasing assets and operating authorities. They have seen the company grow from $4 million to $96 million in 2014. To fulfill Wadhams’ mission to be the “Carrier of Choice, Employer of Choice,” Steve actively seeks out opportunities for continue growth and improvement for his people and his fleet.