All Shapes and Sizes: Transport Trucks For All Your LTL Needs

As anyone in the industry knows, freight is anything but one-size-fits-all. From standard moving boxes to construction equipment, and from cabbages to cars, the items that our less-than-truckload (LTL) customers ship are as diverse as their needs. Luckily, there’s a transport truck for every type of shipment!


Great for general freight needs and courier services, vans are an all-purpose solution for most transport needs. They have a roof, and enclosed sides and back, offering protection from the elements and from theft. This makes them the best choice for most items, especially smaller items vulnerable to theft, and those that should be kept dry and protected from the elements.


For oversized freight that can’t be contained in enclosed trailers, flatbeds offer greater flexibility and fewer restrictions. They have no sides, no roof, and no doors, which makes them perfect for hauling larger and/or wider loads, as well as items of unusual dimensions or shapes. Within their weight restrictions, flatbeds offer almost limitless possibilities; they can carry household appliances, construction equipment and materials, heavy machinery—even whole houses! Their wide-open construction makes them unsuitable for delicate or weather-vulnerable loads, however, unless adequate protection is provided. While RIST LTL doesn’t have its own fleet of flatbeds, our brokerage division is able to source these trailers for customers.

Refrigerated / Heated Trucks (Also Known as “Reefers”)

For temperature-sensitive shipments, refrigerated and heated trucks offer the ability to control the temperature of the truck’s interior. Most commonly used for perishable and delicate goods, refrigerated trucks are perfect for everything from dairy products and produce, to pharmaceutics, personal care products and fine art. Any shipment requiring temperature control or protection from seasonal weather (cold winters or hot summers1) gets the protection it needs in a reefer. While RIST LTL doesn’t have its own refrigerated trucks, we’re able to source refrigerated from within our vast partner network.

Trucks with Hydraulic Lift Gates

Not all of our customers have loading docks or forklifts. For them, trucks with hydraulic lift gates are ideal for safe and convenient loading and unloading. A hydraulically-powered gate at the back of the truck helps drivers gently lower larger or heavier items to ground-level, so that they can be received safely and efficiently without specialized equipment or loading bays. This makes them excellent options for household appliances, furniture, large and/or fragile parcels, pallet shipments, etc.

Drop-Deck Trailers

Another great option for larger or oversized loads, drop deck trailers feature a double-deck (an upper and a lower deck) that drops one or more levels down from the normal deck height of a semi-trailer or flatbed. Many also have a built-in ramp that drops down or slides out for easy and efficient loading and unloading. This makes them a great choice for vehicles and construction equipment; vehicles can be driven right onto and off of the trailer, with no lift needed.


Also called low-beds and low-loaders, low-boys are semi-trailers with two drops in deck-height: one right after the gooseneck, and the other before the wheels. This gives them a greater range of legal load sizes, making them great choices for oversized loads up to 12 feet tall. They’re used especially for tall and heavy machinery and construction equipment.

Various Sizes of Trucks

If it needs to be moved, there’s a truck to move it. Large trailers may be needed to fit many skids for one load; “straight trucks” – the middle size – will be just right for another load; or you may need a small trailer for easy manoeuvring around a city.

Whether you’re moving concrete, ceramics, cheese or craft brew beer, there’s a truck that has everything you need for your transport. If you’re unsure of the best way to move your LTL shipment, contact an experienced trucking company. They’ll work with you to find the best vehicle for your needs.

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Steve Wadhams

Steve Wadhams

As Co-owner and President, Steve oversees three trucking divisions, 700 employees, and 300+ trucks. The dedication, integrity, and personal touch that helped his father succeed remain the cornerstone of Wadhams Enterprises. By the 1980s, he and his brother had taken over an active leadership role, focusing on acquisitions and purchasing assets and operating authorities. They have seen the company grow from $4 million to $96 million in 2014. To fulfill Wadhams’ mission to be the “Carrier of Choice, Employer of Choice,” Steve actively seeks out opportunities for continue growth and improvement for his people and his fleet.