Trust Your Transport to Those Who Know it Best: Brokerage Services from a Transport Company

When it comes to moving your goods across the country, there are a number of service options to choose from. Freight brokers, freight forwarders, shippers associations, third-party logistics providers (3PLs)—how do you decide?

While there are many reasons to choose a 3PL or freight forwarder, many companies are now making the move to work directly with a transport company’s own brokerage services, rather than through an intermediary. This allows customers to benefit from the transport company’s industry knowledge, relationships and experience to get their goods across the country quickly and safely.

When you trust the insight of a brokerage company affiliated directly with a carrier, the benefits quickly add up.

They Focus on the Whole Package – Not Just the Bottom Line

Many brokerage companies focus their attention on the bottom line to stay competitive. While cost is definitely an important consideration, brokerage companies affiliated directly with trucking companies understand that cost is not your only priority; you also want to ensure that your shipments arrive safely, reliably and on-time.

They Know What to Look for

Because they work with truck drivers directly, brokerage companies affiliated directly with trucking companies know what to look for when evaluating other carriers, and have many established relationships with trustworthy companies. A 3PL may be able to provide you with good references for their carriers, but trucking-brokerages have insight into other carriers’ operations and what they mean for your shipments.

They Understand Both Sides of Shipping

Contrary to popular assumption, most brokerage companies are independent organizations. While they liaise with carriers to fulfil their clients’ needs, their connection to the transport industry may go no further than their phone. As carriers and service coordinators, trucking-brokerage companies understand the transport industry and their clients’ needs, and know how best to organize service for both sides of the transport relationship. They understand what questions shippers want answered, and what carriers need to know to ensure reliable, timely service. They know that effective communication between both parties is necessary to ensure that the job gets done right, and they know how to achieve it.

Working with a freight brokerage company is about more than just outsourcing logistics—it’s also about finding a reliable intermediary who understands how the industry works and knows how best to achieve your transport needs. Being actively involved in the industry gives trucking-brokerages the insight and perspective to find the best services for your priorities. To that end, freight brokers affiliated with trucking companies offer a definite edge over independents.

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Reynaldo Hinog

Reynaldo Hinog

Reynaldo is the Brokerage Representative at RIST Transport. He has been a valuable part of the Wadhams team since 2010, helping to set up new accounts, provide customers with website credentials, and prepare commission reports for RIST LTL and TL agents. Reynaldo coordinates pick ups and deliveries (Brokered Loads), ensuring open communication amongst the shipper, consignee, and the carrier dispatchers and drivers. He has extensive knowledge of Truckload pricing, brokerage pricing, and rate negotiation.