Why Truck Drivers Are Our Greatest Asset

RIST Transport takes great pride in maintaining a first class fleet. Our two divisions include 177 tractors and 438 van trailers; dispersed among 13 terminals all over New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Our most valuable assets however, without a doubt, are our drivers.

Grossing up to 80,000 pounds of equipment and product each day presents each driver with challenging conditions throughout the year. Our drivers must focus on safety, equipment, maintenance, and also perform essential, pre-trip and post-trip inspections. Drivers are the face of the company, representing RIST to our valued customers and the motoring public daily.

On any given day, our drivers wear many hats. Here are just some of their responsibilities:

1. They are Safety Managers

Safety is a truck driver’s No. 1 priority, as they encounter numerous obstacles daily on the highway. Split-second decisions are a major part of their responsibilities. Besides driving safely, they’re required to stay up-to-date and compliant with all applicable federal Department of Transportation and Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulations, such as keeping up with Hours of Service regulations. Key effects may be keeping up with hours of service regulations, taking mandatory breaks, and getting an appropriate amount of rest. This helps to stay in compliance with these regulations because it is so critical in maintaining a safe environment for themselves and the motoring public they “share the road” with.

2. They are Project Managers

Each assignment can be looked at as a new project. What’s the project? Whatever our customer asks of us; but, for sure it will include time management, trip planning from origin to destination, on-time regardless of detours, traffic delays, or bad weather. Our goal is to move the load as safely and efficiently as possible, while protecting its cargo from damage. Drivers have to “think on their feet”, or rather in their seats. Truck drivers are their own managers and have to make many decisions on their own at any given moment.

3. They are front-line Customer service Representatives

Whether our clients have a long-standing relationship with our owners, regional managers or sales reps; whether they place daily orders with the folks at our operations office, or they’re using our services for the very first time, our drivers’ face-to-face interactions are significant touch points. They are constantly making positive perceptions, and continually proving them to be reality. Our drivers arrive on time, in uniform, and are trained, knowledgeable and courteous. Many, of our drivers not only reflect the face of our company but the face of our customer also.

Ultimately, what we do in concept in our Truck Load division is simple: we deliver freight from one destination to another. Making sure everything happens between those two points on the map is accomplished as safely, efficiently and professionally as possible is what RIST drivers are great at.

Al Nichols

Al Nichols

An experienced and trusted RIST Transport driver, Al Nichols works tirelessly to meet customer needs with excellent service and expert driving. Al is an integral player in RIST's mission to be the Carrier of Choice, building strong relationships, handling specific customer needs, and keeping safety, efficiency, professionalism and quality top-of-mind.