Why We’re BADD, and Why You Can Be, Too

Here at RIST, we don’t just want our employees to be good at their jobs. We want them to be BADD.

BADD is the acronym that we use to emphasize the four core principles of our company culture to staff, vendors and customers, and describe the mindset we want employees to apply in every situation at work. These four principles are derived from the book “The Wisdom Of The Four Agreements,” by Don Miguel Ruiz.

We train staff to follow these principles, whether they’re dealing with customers or with one another:

  1. Be impeccable in your word.
  2. Always do your best.
  3. Don’t make assumptions.
  4. Don’t take it personally.

These principles are encouraged among everyone in the company, from our office personnel to our drivers, terminal managers and dispatchers. They can be applied to all aspects of life: family, relationships, school, or business. They can apply to you.

Why do we want our employees to be BADD? The benefits are twofold.

1. A BADD Approach To Conflict Resolution

Applying these “principle agreements” in tough situations helps diffuse tension, and ensures respectful communication, professionalism and fairness prevail.

The goal is never to prove who is right: it is to keep everyone calm, clear-headed, and focused on doing what’s best to resolve an issue. When employees uphold these values consistently, they establish trust with customers and one another through healthy communication, and set the stage for long, productive relationships.

2. Being BADD to Communicate More Effectively

I always try to instill in my staff the need to remain open-minded and honest, even when we have to relay a message to a customer or each other that does not want to be heard. Being impeccable with your word when dealing with an upset customer or employee may be the toughest principle to uphold. But straight forward communication and doing one’s best to rectify a situation will always win out over time.

We don’t assume what other peoples’ intentions are, or what they are thinking. Not making assumptions means clarifying questions, or finding out why your words are not being perceived correctly.

We don’t want employees to take it personally when an associate has an idea that is different, or when constructive criticism is given. This may be the second toughest principle, in my opinion, because we all can get protective of our own “turf” or ideas. Swallowing one’s pride and listening with the company goals in mind means setting individual goals aside. It’s not easy. Working through the issues to come up with the best solution is the ultimate goal, and it equates to always doing your best.

Rewarding BADD Performance

Once per quarter, Wadhams Enterprises Inc., RIST’s, ARG and Earl Wadhams’ parent company, recognizes an employee from each division for upholding these principles. All full- and part-time employees are eligible. A committee reviews nominations, and rewards winners with a spot in our Hall Of Fame, a $100 cash award, a trophy, and a spotlight in our employee newsletter. Two $50 cash awards are also raffled off to anyone who recognizes a co-worker displaying BADD and nominates them.

The BADD principles aren’t only how we choose to work together; they are the foundation for putting integrity and quality at the forefront for all we do. Striving to deliver a higher standard of service. BADD challenges our employees to go above and beyond. BADD pushes us to truly be the “Employer of Choice”, and in turn, “the Carrier of Choice” for customers.

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Beth Jones

Beth Jones

Over the past decade, Beth Jones has seen Wadhams Enterprises through tremendous change. With the growth of new divisions, the employee base, and the range of services to meet customer needs, Beth’s own role grew as well. As corporate office manager, she is responsible for the receivables, cash flow, and credit applications for all divisions. Beth works closely with sales teams, employees and customers. Her ability to communicate clearly and effectively ensures needs are met and challenges resolved in a timely way. Beth and her team help RIST & Wadhams Enterprises deliver outstanding results.